Chapter 1 : Prelude of ROJAK LINE


We started from non F&B background. It was just a humble start-up that started from scratch. No experiences in F&B industry, finding the right suppliers, planning for the concept of stall, renovating the stall etc… It means perseverance and hard works

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Chapter 2: The soul of Rojak – Rojak Paste

In discerning between an average and a great Rojak, Rojak paste is quintessential. We tried ROJAK LINE’s paste incessantly prior to the opening of ROJAK LINE stall just to get the Golden Ratio of the Rojak paste. A great Rojak paste should not

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Chapter 3: Rojak’s backbone – on deciding Rojak ingredients

On deciding which ingredients to become part of ROJAK LINE’s menu Rojak, we emphasize the quality of the ingredients, instead of serving you based on costing factor first. In choosing pineapple, we choose Honey pineapple over normal type of pineapple.

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Chapter 4: The art of toasting

We believe that a well toasted dough fritter (You Tiao) and bean curd (Tao pok) are indispensable in a qualified Rojak. For this particular reason, we have to let consumer to wait for at least 7 minutes for us to

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Chapter 5: Chilling good Rojak

During the initial opening of ROJAK LINE stall, we exposed all the fruits in the room temperature, and putting it back to refrigerator once the crowd was over. We were worried that the fruits will become not fresh back then.

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Chapter 6: Home made chilli


All the chilli used in ROJAK LINE are home made, instead of getting it from supplier. It took hours to prepare the Chilli padi, at similar cost if compared with getting it from supplier. We would not go to this

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