Chapter 8: Uncompromised in top notched quality – Devil lies in the details

We believe that every little details plays a key role to form the finest Rojak – from the ingredients of Rojak paste, Rojak’s serving ingredients, hygienic practice of the stall, to the packaging box. We believe that even the smallest details such as the length and width of the skewer(stick) would influence the optimum utility when one’s tasting the finest Rojak.

To maintain the highest quality of food would requires consistent efforts from the stallholder, and we are committed in handling all the nitty-gritties to craft out the best quality food to the public.

Chapter 6: Home made chilli

All the chilli used in ROJAK LINE are home made, instead of getting it from supplier.

It took hours to prepare the Chilli, at similar cost if compared with getting it from supplier.

We would not go to this extra miles if not because of the taste is much better.

Home made chilli will be fresher, does not contain any preservative, and again, it blends well with ROJAK LINE’s menu Rojak for those who loves to have spiciness in Rojak.

You Tiao (Dough Fritter) Rojak / You Tiao Biscuit Rojak

You Tiao Rojak means the Rojak comes with only the You Tiao & ROJAK LINE’s Finest Rojak paste. It is crispy and the texture inside would be a little bit soft.
You Tiao Biscuit Rojak means the You Tiao would be crunchy like a biscuit.
– waiting time is about 10-15 mins for You Tiao Biscuit –