Chapter 9: The relationship between Quality & Price – Quality comes with a price

Across the board, high quality always goes in tandem with increased price. In considering buying low price product like food, one must consider the fundamental fact that every business is looking for profits. While any seller can set the price as ‘low price’ to entice the buyer, ultimately what and how the food is prepared behind the scene and being served out remains a key question that one must constantly ask oneself.

In crafting the finest Rojak and all other great food, we select the ingredients based on the quality of the combined output, ie the amazing taste. In many times, it means we have to bite the bullet of higher cost. We believe this is the necessary path that we must undergo, and we will always place quality as the foremost priority.


Chapter 8: Uncompromised in top notched quality – Devil lies in the details

We believe that every little details plays a key role to form the finest Rojak – from the ingredients of Rojak paste, Rojak’s serving ingredients, hygienic practice of the stall, to the packaging box. We believe that even the smallest details such as the length and width of the skewer(stick) would influence the optimum utility when one’s tasting the finest Rojak.

To maintain the highest quality of food would requires consistent efforts from the stallholder, and we are committed in handling all the nitty-gritties to craft out the best quality food to the public.

Chapter 7: The Unsung Rojak Hero- Torch ginger flower

Whilst many may deem that the grounded peanut is the deuteragonist of a great Rojak, we can only agree to a certain extent.

What makes a great Rojak paste ticks, a crucial ingredient would be torch ginger flower.

Torch ginger flower has a unique natural flavor that will bring out the Rojak paste to be more flavorful.

Although the cost of ginger flower is high, we remain committed to put in the optimum amount of torch ginger flower into the Rojak paste.


  • Select ROJAK LINE Exclusive Decoration Service for the Party Set that you ordered during your event or party to let you and your guests feels pleasure in our exquisite decoration with a unique toaster oven allow you and your guests to have a chance to experience making their own exclusive Finest Rojak.
  • We will return to pack up after 3 hours time.
  • All of the kitchenware and decoration items are ROJAK LINE’s property.
  • 10 days in advance booking required. Subject to availability.
  • $550 (up to 55pax)  /  $850 (up to 110pax)

Chapter 6: Home made chilli

All the chilli used in ROJAK LINE are home made, instead of getting it from supplier.

It took hours to prepare the Chilli, at similar cost if compared with getting it from supplier.

We would not go to this extra miles if not because of the taste is much better.

Home made chilli will be fresher, does not contain any preservative, and again, it blends well with ROJAK LINE’s menu Rojak for those who loves to have spiciness in Rojak.

Chapter 5: Chilling good Rojak

During the initial opening of ROJAK LINE stall, we exposed all the fruits in the room temperature, and putting it back to refrigerator once the crowd was over.

We were worried that the fruits will become not fresh back then.

We sourced out refrigerator supplier, and invested in the chiller to keep the fruits fresh and cool.

We are glad that chilled fruits taste better and fresher compared to exposed it in the room temperature.

Chapter 4: The art of toasting

We believe that a well toasted dough fritter (You Tiao) and bean curd (Tao pok) are indispensable in a qualified Rojak.

For this particular reason, we have to let consumer to wait for at least 7 minutes for us to toast the dough fritter and bean curd, to make it crispy.

The taste of dough fritter and bean curd is in their best form while it is hot. Hence it is advisable to consume it as soon as you could.

Chapter 3: Rojak’s backbone – on deciding Rojak ingredients

On deciding which ingredients to become part of ROJAK LINE’s menu Rojak, we emphasize the quality of the ingredients, instead of serving you based on costing factor first.

In choosing pineapple, we choose Honey pineapple over normal type of pineapple.

Sliced honey pineapple

Sliced honey pineapple.

Honey pineapple

Honey pineapple

In choosing guava, we choose ‘Luo Han’ guava- a premium Guava over normal type of guava.

Sliced guava

Sliced guava



In choosing cucumber, we choose Japanese cucumber over normal type of cucumber.

Sliced japanese cucumber

Sliced japanese cucumber

Japanese Cucumber

Japanese cucumber

We have chosen a very good quality dough fritter (You Tiao) and bean curd (Tao pok) after long time of searching the best fitted dough fritter and bean curd. Both of it matched extremely well with ROJAK LINE’s Finest Rojak sauce.