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Chapter 10: In becoming a Specialist – Repetition is a crucial prerequisite

Rojak specialist

On the path towards becoming a specialist in any field, repetition does not guarantee that someone will become a specialist, however it is the prerequisite in becoming a specialist in any particular field.

When someone keeps repeating the same works over and over again, he/she will then only be able to glean all the microscopic things that need to be improved further, if he/she has the desire to keep improving his/her products/services. The feedback that he/she gathers daily will become his/her precious friend in pushing him/her to be the specialist in the field.

In preparing Rojak day in and day out, we will then be able to discover all the itsy-bitsy matters that could potentially be improved further, thereby producing Rojak better day by day, and hence becomes a Rojak specialist.

How well and professional a person can handle all the minuscule details is the key in differentiating between a generalist and a specialist.