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Chapter 11: Code of Ethics – Hygienic Practice

Washed apple

Some may regard that if a food stall/restaurant delivers tasty food, he/she may feel indifferent on the hygiene practice of a stall/restaurant.

We believe that hygiene practice should be the first barrier to cross for any given food stall/restaurant, before entering the topic of discussing about the tastiness of the food.

It would be hard for one to know if the food stall/restaurant espouses high hygiene practice, especially since the kitchen area is a restricted area.

Most would also not able to discern from the taste if the food ingredients has been washed before it is cooked and served out, since the end result (the taste) would most likely be coated by sauces. The difference in terms of taste between washed ingredients and unwashed is (for eg, rice), in reality and unfortunately, razor-thin.

It will make our life much easier if we practice in an OK-standard of hygienic practice.

We don’t, and we won’t.

For eg, each and every apple that we served out, will be washed by a non-toxic drops that is suitable for cleaning fruits.

Would we be necessary to go into this extra mile by all standard (since we can just use tap water to wash it)?

We believe that the means of getting to an end is just equally important. We have a duty to stand as the stalwart sentinel to ensure that the food is hygienic, before being consumed by you.

As Esso goes: We are drivers too.

We are consumers too.