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Chapter 7: The Unsung Rojak Hero – Torch ginger flower 【隐藏的Rojak英雄 – 姜花】

Torch ginger flower

Whilst many may deem that the grounded peanut is the deuteragonist of a great Rojak, we can only agree to a certain extent.

What makes a great Rojak paste ticks, a crucial ingredient would be torch ginger flower.

Torch ginger flower has a unique natural flavor that will bring out the Rojak paste to be more flavorful.

From our point of view, the torch ginger flower that we put in is the optimal amount that will complement well with the Rojak sauce, and the amount of ginger flower that we put in as compared with other Rojak stall is at least 3x more.

Although the cost of ginger flower is relatively high, we remain committed to put in the optimum amount of torch ginger flower into the Rojak paste.





我们认为,我们现在所放的姜花与Rojak sauce之间相辅相成,且是最佳比例,而我们缩放的量也比其他外面所放的多至少三倍以上。