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Chapter 9: The relationship between Quality & Price – Quality comes with a price 【品质与价格之间的角力 – 为品质所需付出的价格】

Uncompromised quality-More than meets the eyes

Across the board, high quality always goes in tandem with increased price. In considering buying low price product like food, one must consider the fundamental fact that every business is looking for profits. While any seller can set the price as ‘low price’ to entice the buyer, ultimately what and how the food is prepared behind the scene and being served out remains a crux question that one must constantly ask oneself.

In crafting the finest Rojak, we select the ingredients based on the quality of the combined output (absolutely delicious taste). In many times, it means we have to bite the bullet of higher cost. We believe that this is the necessary path which we must undergo, and we will always place quality (absolute tastiness) as the foremost priority.

In summing up this particular chapter, we would like to quote the legendary investor, Warren Buffet on investing (or in this case, purchasing):

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.





在总结这篇章时,我们想引用一位传奇投资者,Warren Buffet的格言:购买产品时的价格是一回事,购买所得到的价值是另一回事。