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Chapter 1 : Prelude of ROJAK LINE


We started from non F&B background. It was just a humble start-up that started from scratch.

No experiences in F&B industry, finding the right suppliers, planning for the concept & renovating the stall etc… It means perseverance and hard works just to get all the things right.

We chose Rojak simply because we love to eat Rojak. We believe that we can create a truly delectable Rojak (we called it ‘The Finest Rojak’) for all the Rojak lovers, and bring back the old good feelings when someone tasted an absolutely delicious Rojak.

Choosing to become a hawker is not always a easy path to go. But we are glad that many including DJ, celebrity, food blogger, food critic do love our Rojak, commented or written great reviews, and recognize that ROJAK LINE has delivered the best(finest) Rojak.