Chapter 11: Life as a hawker – Tiring, sweltering & long working hours 【小贩的生活 – 疲惫,闷热,偏长工作时间】

Before starting the life as a hawker, we were undeterred by our friends and families who cautioned against the potential tolling works that are associated with F&B industry. It is when we came on board and realized that it is true that working in F&B industry is taxing. Further aggravating the situation would be the relatively constrained space and sweltering environment. From the outsider point of view, it may looked easy for a vendor to operate a stall.

It is not.

After deducting all the operating, food and miscellaneous cost, majority of an average hawker will incur losses, and only a small percentage of them can generate net income that is indifferent with a blue-collar worker. The net income of a ‘long queue’ hawker would be indifferent with a white-collar professional, but at the expense of much higher time and labor to earn it. And it may well explain why the turnover of new hawker stall is high, and it is regrettable that some quality stalls just could not sustain over the time and close shutter.

It does make sense for one to eat over at hawker eateries, if the hawker stall delivers great food, if you counted all the efforts in crafting out the recipe + preparation time + logistic of getting all the ingredients + time and effort of clearing up the crockery after the operating hours.

This is hereby giving our highest salute to all the hawkers, who commit their life to produce great food to the public, and for those who recognize the inside value of each served meal.