Chapter 15: ROJAK LINE Delivery 【ROJAK LINE 外送服务】

Please contact us about which Menu that you would like to order, your preference of spiciness, or any special request that you may have. Please provide us your name, address of delivery, and time of delivery upon ordering.

Note: ROJAK LINE or third party delivery professional will strive to reach the delivery place on time. An allowance of 15 minutes from the time of delivery is required. For eg, if the intended time of delivery is 11am, delivery will be delivered between 10.45am – 11.15am.

We will send you a confirmation acknowledgment after you had sent the order.

Please make the full payment once we confirmed that we have received your order.

Delivery fee of $35 is applicable.

ROJAK LINE and third party delivery professional are unable to foresee any possible scenarios such as traffic conditions, vehicle breakdown, security clearance (if any) or any event that is outside of human control which will affect the punctuality and quality of delivery, and will not bear any costs or losses due to this.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any question or inquiry.


注:ROJAK LINE或第三方专业外送公司人员将致力于在指定时间内送达给你。15分钟的缓冲时间是必要的。比如,如果你想送达的时间是11am,外送将在10.45am – 11.15am送达。




ROJAK LINE及外送专员将不为无法预知事件如交通状况,交通工具抛锚,任何的保安查检,或任何我们无法预知的事件所导致的延迟而负责。