Chapter 13: Out of the frame – Would a vegetarian Rojak taste good? 【 超越现状 – 素的Rojak会好吃吗?】

A framed question can often box someone into a superficial predicament when one could resolve the question by answering out-of-the-frame.

Perhaps it is the right questioning (first) of how a wonderful cellphone would perform & look like, and (followed by the right execution) revolutionized the whole cellphone industry.

How would a wonderful Rojak be exceptionally tasty?

This is the direction that guides us into creating the truly tasty Rojak.

Fixating on ‘vegetarian theme’ would not resolve the true issue that lies behind it.

The gist of the issue is what makes a Rojak taste truly exceptionally delectable, and how to create and ultimately present the Rojak to you.

We would use meaty product, if it is absolutely tasty. The same principle goes to vegetarian product. We are not bigoted on using vegetarian ingredients.

We believe that a Rojak sauce that comprised of vegetarian (sweet fruit veg) ingredients would surpass the conventional Rojak sauce taste.

Hence, we use it.

We will answer the question directly even if we think that it is an inapt question, to begin with:













Chapter 10: Special chapter: In the battle with marketing of meat industry player – Reviving the image of Absolute Tastiness of Sweet FruitVeg (Vegan & Vegetarian) food 【特别篇章:与肉食经营者之间的角斗 – 重新还原甜蔬果类(素食)的绝对好吃形象】

We are coming from a background who consume meat. We certainly understand the hype of eating meat and the wonderfulness ingrained in the mind even before consuming the food.

While we are not here to debate about the tastiness of meat, we are awed by how general public may perceive about the blandness of a Sweet FruitVeg (Vegan or Vegetarian) dish would be. We are part of them previously as well. This should give credits to the successful marketing of meat industry player.

Think again.

What makes Kentucky fried chicken great is its seasoning, instead of the chicken. One should aware that most, if not all of the KFC seasoning are derived from spices, which are plant-based (vegetable), which in turn make KFC tastes great. The unlabeled ‘vegetarian/vegan’ absolute tasty food list goes on: grape, chocolate, potato chips, pistachio…

Vegan & Vegetarian food can be sinful, sexy, and exceptionally tasty, just like or surpassing the meaty products, for sure.








Party Set

$50 ideal for about 11 – 15 pax.


$70 ideal for about 18 – 22 pax.


$90 ideal for about 25 – 29 pax.


$120 ideal for about 33 – 40 pax.


Toasted You Tiao and Tau Pok, Honey Pineapple, Japanese Cucumber, Guava, Turnip, Red Apple, ROJAK LINE’s Finest Rojak Paste, Peanuts and Chilli.


Due to fruits seasonal factor, we may substitute the above mentioned fruits by other fruits.

You Tiao (Dough Fritter) Rojak / You Tiao Biscuit Rojak

You Tiao Rojak – comes with only the You Tiao & ROJAK LINE’s Finest Rojak paste. It is crispy and the texture inside would be a little bit soft.


You Tiao Biscuit Rojak – comes with only crunchy You Tiao that is biscuit alike and ROJAK LINE’s Finest Rojak paste.
– waiting time is about 10-15 mins for You Tiao Biscuit –

Take away +$0.20. Separate sauce +$0.30.