We love Rojak just like you. We are obsessed in creating The Finest Rojak. We believe that when one's indulging in a truly wonderful Rojak, it will bring out optimum pleasure to him/her.

We believe that the Rojak sauce is the soul, while quality ingredients are the backbone of the Finest Rojak. We set the bar extremely high when crafting out the Rojak sauce and on deciding which ingredients to use when serving out the Rojak.

We select the ingredients based on the combined quality, ie the absolute tastiness, instead of serving you the ingredients based on the costing factor first.

ROJAK LINE established on 30.03.2016. ROJAK LINE Rojak sauce does not contain shrimp paste/hae ko. It is suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian Halal consumer. We have stopped to be Halal-certified starting from August 2023, however all the ingredients remain Halal friendly.

ROJAK LINE series Rojak is absolutely delicious when it combines ROJAK LINE's Finest Rojak sauce with our selected ingredients.