Mini Bulk Individual Pack

ROJAK LINE Mini Bulk Individual Pack is ideal for:

  •    Gift
  •    Event
  •    Meeting
  •    Tea break
  •    Gathering


Mini bulk individual packs will be packed in individual take away box and separate sauce.


You Tiao and Tau Pok will be pack separately in a big container, one tong will be provided.


MOQ: 50 packets

Party Set

$50 ideal for about 12 – 15 pax.


$70 ideal for about 19 – 22 pax.


$90 ideal for about 23 – 29 pax.


$120 ideal for about 32 – 40 pax.


Toasted You Tiao (Dough Fritter), Tau Pok (Bean Curd), Honey Pineapple, Red Apple, ‘Luo Han’ Guava, Japanese Cucumber, Turnip, ROJAK LINE’s Finest Rojak Paste, Peanuts and Chilli Padi.


Due to fruits seasonal factor, we may substitute the above mentioned fruits by other fruits.