• Select ROJAK LINE Exclusive Decoration Service for the Party Set that you ordered during your event or party to let you and your guests feels pleasure in our exquisite decoration with a unique toaster oven allow you and your guests to have a chance to experience making their own exclusive Finest Rojak.
  • We will return to pack up after 3 hours time.
  • All of the kitchenware and decoration items are ROJAK LINE’s property.
  • 10 days in advance booking required. Subject to availability.
  • $550 (up to 55pax)  /  $850 (up to 110pax)

Party Set

$50 ideal for about 10-13 pax.

$70 ideal for about 13-19 pax.

$90 ideal for about 19-26 pax.

Toasted You Tiao (Dough Fritter), Tau Pok (Bean Curd), Honey Pineapple, Red Apple, ‘Luo Han’ Guava, Japanese Cucumber, Turnip, ROJAK LINE’s Finest Rojak Paste, Peanuts and Chilli Padi.

Due to fruits seasonal factor, we may substitute the above mentioned fruits by other fruits.