Chapter 14: Code of Ethics – Hygienic Practice 【职业操守 – 卫生】

Some may regard that if a food stall/restaurant delivers tasty food, he/she may feel indifferent on the hygiene practice of a stall/restaurant.

We believe that hygiene practice should be the first barrier to cross for any given food stall/restaurant, before entering the topic of discussing about the tastiness of the food.

It would be hard for one to know if the food stall/restaurant espouses high hygiene practice, especially since the kitchen area is a restricted area.

Most would also not able to discern from the taste if the food ingredients has been washed before it is cooked and served out, since the end result (the taste) would most likely be coated by sauces. The difference in terms of taste between washed ingredients and unwashed is (for eg, rice), in reality and unfortunately, razor-thin.

It will make our life much easier if we practice in an OK-standard of hygienic practice.

We don’t, and we won’t.

For eg, each and every apple that we served out, will be washed by a non-toxic drops that is suitable for cleaning fruits.

Would we be necessary to go into this extra mile by all standard (since we can just use tap water to wash it)?

We believe that the means of getting to an end is just equally important. We have a duty to stand as the stalwart sentinel to ensure that the food is hygienic, before being consumed by you.

As Esso goes: We are drivers too.

We are consumers too.










诚如Esso标语:We are drivers too.

We are consumers too.

Chapter 13: Out of the frame – Would a vegetarian Rojak taste good? 【 超越现状 – 素的Rojak会好吃吗?】

A framed question can often box someone into a superficial predicament when one could resolve the question by answering out-of-the-frame.

Perhaps it is the right questioning (first) of how a wonderful cellphone would perform & look like, and (followed by the right execution) revolutionized the whole cellphone industry.

How would a wonderful Rojak be exceptionally tasty?

This is the direction that guides us into creating the truly tasty Rojak.

Fixating on ‘vegetarian theme’ would not resolve the true issue that lies behind it.

The gist of the issue is what makes a Rojak taste truly exceptionally delectable, and how to create and ultimately present the Rojak to you.

We would use meaty product, if it is absolutely tasty. The same principle goes to vegetarian product. We are not bigoted on using vegetarian ingredients.

We believe that a Rojak sauce that comprised of vegetarian (sweet fruit veg) ingredients would surpass the conventional Rojak sauce taste.

Hence, we use it.

We will answer the question directly even if we think that it is an inapt question, to begin with:













Chapter 12: In becoming a Specialist – Repetition is a crucial prerequisite 【成为专家 – 熟能生巧 (术业有专攻)】

On the path towards becoming a specialist in any field, repetition does not guarantee that someone will become a specialist, however it is the prerequisite in becoming a specialist in any particular field.

When someone keeps repeating the same works over and over again, he/she will then only be able to glean all the microscopic things that need to be improved further, if he/she has the desire to keep improving his/her products/services. The feedback that he/she gathers daily will become his/her precious friend in pushing him/her to be the specialist in the field.

In preparing Rojak day in and day out, we will then be able to discover all the itsy-bitsy matters that could potentially be improved further, thereby producing Rojak better day by day, and hence becomes a Rojak specialist.

How well and professional a person can handle all the minuscule details is the key in differentiating between a generalist and a specialist.






Chapter 11: Life as a hawker – Tiring, sweltering & long working hours 【小贩的生活 – 疲惫,闷热,偏长工作时间】

Before starting the life as a hawker, we were undeterred by our friends and families who cautioned against the potential tolling works that are associated with F&B industry. It is when we came on board and realized that it is true that working in F&B industry is taxing. Further aggravating the situation would be the relatively constrained space and sweltering environment. From the outsider point of view, it may looked easy for a vendor to operate a stall.

It is not.

After deducting all the operating, food and miscellaneous cost, majority of an average hawker will incur losses, and only a small percentage of them can generate net income that is indifferent with a blue-collar worker. The net income of a ‘long queue’ hawker would be indifferent with a white-collar professional, but at the expense of much higher time and labor to earn it. And it may well explain why the turnover of new hawker stall is high, and it is regrettable that some quality stalls just could not sustain over the time and close shutter.

It does make sense for one to eat over at hawker eateries, if the hawker stall delivers great food, if you counted all the efforts in crafting out the recipe + preparation time + logistic of getting all the ingredients + time and effort of clearing up the crockery after the operating hours.

This is hereby giving our highest salute to all the hawkers, who commit their life to produce great food to the public, and for those who recognize the inside value of each served meal.








Chapter 10: Special chapter: In the battle with marketing of meat industry player – Reviving the image of Absolute Tastiness of Sweet FruitVeg (Vegan & Vegetarian) food 【特别篇章:与肉食经营者之间的角斗 – 重新还原甜蔬果类(素食)的绝对好吃形象】

We are coming from a background who consume meat. We certainly understand the hype of eating meat and the wonderfulness ingrained in the mind even before consuming the food.

While we are not here to debate about the tastiness of meat, we are awed by how general public may perceive about the blandness of a Sweet FruitVeg (Vegan or Vegetarian) dish would be. We are part of them previously as well. This should give credits to the successful marketing of meat industry player.

Think again.

What makes Kentucky fried chicken great is its seasoning, instead of the chicken. One should aware that most, if not all of the KFC seasoning are derived from spices, which are plant-based (vegetable), which in turn make KFC tastes great. The unlabeled ‘vegetarian/vegan’ absolute tasty food list goes on: grape, chocolate, potato chips, pistachio…

Vegan & Vegetarian food can be sinful, sexy, and exceptionally tasty, just like or surpassing the meaty products, for sure.








Chapter 9: The relationship between Quality & Price – Quality comes with a price 【品质与价格之间的角力 – 为品质所需付出的价格】

Across the board, high quality always goes in tandem with increased price. In considering buying low price product like food, one must consider the fundamental fact that every business is looking for profits. While any seller can set the price as ‘low price’ to entice the buyer, ultimately what and how the food is prepared behind the scene and being served out remains a crux question that one must constantly ask oneself.

In crafting the finest Rojak, we select the ingredients based on the quality of the combined output (absolutely delicious taste). In many times, it means we have to bite the bullet of higher cost. We believe that this is the necessary path which we must undergo, and we will always place quality (absolute tastiness) as the foremost priority.

In summing up this particular chapter, we would like to quote the legendary investor, Warren Buffet on investing (or in this case, purchasing):

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.





在总结这篇章时,我们想引用一位传奇投资者,Warren Buffet的格言:购买产品时的价格是一回事,购买所得到的价值是另一回事。

Chapter 8: Uncompromised in top notch quality – Devil lies in the details 【坚守最高品质的承诺 – 恶魔藏于细节里】

We believe that every little details plays a key role to form the finest Rojak – from the taste of Rojak sauce, Rojak’s serving ingredients, the art of toasting you tiao and tao pok, taste of special homemade chili, to the hygienic practice of the stall etc. We believe that even the smallest details such as the length and width of the skewer(stick) would influence the optimum utility when one’s tasting the finest Rojak.

To maintain the highest quality of food would require consistent efforts from the stallholder, and we are committed in handling all the nitty-gritties to craft out the best quality food to you.


我们相信在制作最顶级上佳Rojak的整个过程里,每一个细节都将发挥着其关键作用-从Rojak的独特酱料Rojak的材料烘烤艺术特别自制辣椒口味,到档口的卫生严格标准等等。我们相信一个最小的细节,比如吃Rojak用的竹签 (skewer/stick)的长度及厚度,都最终影响到食客在品尝到一个上佳Rojak时的满意度。


Chapter 7: The Unsung Rojak Hero – Torch ginger flower 【隐藏的Rojak英雄 – 姜花】

Whilst many may deem that the grounded peanut is the deuteragonist of a great Rojak, we can only agree to a certain extent.

What makes a great Rojak paste ticks, a crucial ingredient would be torch ginger flower.

Torch ginger flower has a unique natural flavor that will bring out the Rojak paste to be more flavorful.

From our point of view, the torch ginger flower that we put in is the optimal amount that will complement well with the Rojak sauce, and the amount of ginger flower that we put in as compared with other Rojak stall is at least 3x more.

Although the cost of ginger flower is relatively high, we remain committed to put in the optimum amount of torch ginger flower into the Rojak paste.





我们认为,我们现在所放的姜花与Rojak sauce之间相辅相成,且是最佳比例,而我们缩放的量也比其他外面所放的多至少三倍以上。